About ME

From a young age, I have always been an artist. I see things, feel things, and express things differently than others. It was not until I became sober from alcohol in my thirties that I truly discovered my gifts with photography and communication.

I have an undeniable passion for art, creativity, expression, and being one’s self. I tell everyone that works with me the same thing:

“I am an assertive, open, honest, and transparent communicator. A tremendous amount of my work requires trust between my clients and I. Good communication solidifies that foundation.

Your safety and comfort is incredibly important to me and you should always feel safe knowing that you may be you, express yourself as you want to, openly and honestly communicate all creative thoughts with me, and do so without fear of judgement or comments made by me.”

I left my law enforcement career to pursue my passion of photography. I value the trust instilled in me by others. I want you to allow me the honor of working with you to create and bring your ideas and visions to life knowing full well that you may trust me to do so.